Take Action!

enero 28, 2008



1. Reduce your impact at home. Choose at least 5 pledges you can fulfil. ( Click on the picture


Did You Know?

· Each ton of recycled newspaper saves 3.5 cubic yards of landfill space

· Recycling aluminum cans saves 95% of the energy needed to produce new cans from raw materials

· For every 14,000 plastic bottles and jugs recycled, we save 5.65 cubic yards of landfill space

· Recycling steel (tin) cans saves 60 % of the energy needed to produce new cans from raw materials.

2.- Reduce your impact at school: Supporting   futuro-verde.gif  groups.

3.- Finally let´s sing “The 3 R´s” by Jack Johnson



Save the Planet!

enero 17, 2008

Just where do you start when you want “to save the planet”? An in which areas should you focus most of your efforts? Luckily, students in Pay Arias High School seem to be concerned and worried about environmental issues.

One of the greatest environmental problems is the careless and unnnecesary waste of water. We need to make our friends and family aware of the water shortage. Many famous pople are also investing their money and time on it. A good example is Leonardo DiCaprio and his ecosite.

His video WATER PLANET provides us a lot of information about water cycle.

1st Task  Watch and listen the video. Try to deduce the meaning  of the words that appear in it from context.

2nd Task  Listen again but reading the transcript made by Isabel Pérez by clicking on this link .Circle the words you don´t know and ask your teacher or the language assistant.

3rd Task    Work in pairs. Answer the following questions:

1.- How does water suppot life?

2.- Which are the main threats to water ?

3.- How has  Global Warming influenced water cycle?

4.- What are the main consequences of this situation?

5.- What can we do?

6.- What can governments do?

For more information about this topic visit this site